Articles about Solaris Features

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This page contains a list of some of the articles I wrote about Solaris features.


Most of the articles and wiki entries were first located on the sunsolve web site and wiki from Sun. Unfortunately Oracle changed the Sun web site after they bought Sun and removed a lot of useful content



  initial release



A Script Template and Useful Techniques for ksh Scripts

Workaround for the difference behaviour of which in Linux and Solaris

Virtualization (Zones, XVM, etc)

How to add xVM DomU support to a Solaris Live Distribution

How to access a Solaris partition from Windows or Linux


Talking about RAM disks in the Solaris OS

Using a SVM submirror on a ramdisk to increase read performance

A script to start and stop ramdisks in the Solaris OS


Using WAN Boot From a Hard Disk on a System Running Solaris 9 and Above

Which files are in the boot archive? 


How to install Milax 0.3 on a virtual disk in a Qemu Virtual Machine

12.11.2017/bs: is not online anymore

Using the MilaX Live CD for failsafe booting

Converting the MilaX Live CD for SPARC to a WANBOOT image

OpenSolaris and Linux on One USB Stick for Dual Usage

Adding a Live CD Distribution to an existing Solaris installation


Using on the fly-decompression for UFS filesystems

How to change the output of the uname command in the Solaris OS

How to use ZFS and rsync to create a backup solution with versioning

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